Apparently, macaroons are making a comeback in France, according to Lidia. Lidia is my friend who’s studying in the Baking and Pastry Arts Program at VCC and the one who baked a lemon loaf especially for me last summer. A couple of nights ago, she made us a generous heap of chocolate macaroon sandwiches for dessert. Though I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, I shamelessly helped myself to four, maybe even five. Which actually meant eight as each pair of macaroons was held together by a thick dollop of chocolate ganache. The filling was moist, warm, slightly melted, and made each bite into the macaroon cookie divine. The puffy crustiness of the macaroon collapses into the filling in such a way that elicits appreciative eating noises and heavenward eye-rolls.

Unbelievably, there were six left over. So Lidia gave them to me to bring to work and share with my colleagues. I passed them out discreetly this morning (since I only had six), and as I returned to my desk, I heard a chorus of “Mmmmmmmmm!” down the length of my department, which gave it all away.

Thanks, Lidia, for an incredible treat!