Aaaaargh! I just discovered that I missed an internal email sent at the beginning of February regarding an order for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. So now I’m #408 on the holds list. Compared to when The Half Blood Prince came out where I was #7 on the holds list (because I caught the memo then), this you-snooze-you-lose situation is a bit hard to swallow!

To date, the order is for 197 copies. Assuming that most people will return their copies on time, I should get my hands on one within 4 weeks. The waiting will be difficult, but the thing is, I’m not enough of an HP fan to buy my own copy for $30-$40 dollars. So I guess I will have to wait. Or borrow from a friend.

For those interested in buying a copy, the book will be available on July 21, 2007, one minute past midnight local time.

But while I missed out on the last HP, a couple of the most recent guidebooks on New York did come across my desk this morning, which I promptly placed a hold on.