March 2007

Wowee! In addition to seeing Itzhak Perlman, Kevin Spacey in the Moon for the Misbegotten, The Drowsy Chaperone, and Avenue Q, I’m going to seeing Björk in New York at the famous Apollo Theater in Harlem! I can hardly believe that I get to see her at practically the beginning of her tour. I fully expect a unique spectacle and aural experience! (Apparently, there’s going to be a ten-piece female brass ensemble.)

Online ticket sales started yesterday at 7am, which Anita, a huge fan, got up for. (She also got tickets to see Björk perform in Deer Lake Park on May 23rd a couple weeks after the NY concert.)

Björk in New York!” I love saying that.


The fellow I take transit with to work came back recently from NYC and highly recommended Avenue Q. I wasn’t sure about it at first because I had all these other things I want see (plus I’m on a tight budget), but after listening to the original Broadway soundtrack (which the library readily had on the shelf), I’m warming up to the possibility, especially after discovering a song called “What Do You Do With a B.A. in English?”

The musical is quite obnoxious and offensive, full of black humour and edge, but it is clever and cheeky; it gets away with murder because it features puppets as main characters. My favourite number is “It Sucks to Be Me.” I crack up every time I hear it:

My itinerary is starting to take shape, with plenty of flexibility in between commitments. So far, I’ve got to tickets to see:

I only care because I’m a Sufjan Stevens fan. Apparently, only the state of Illinois recognizes Casimir Pulaski Day as an official holiday. It falls on the first Monday of March. Asthmatic Kitty Records has issued some background info on Pulaski as well as a demo of Sufjan’s heartbreaking song about a close friend who dies on this day:

Those lucky Illinoisans. Unless Easter comes early, we Canadians don’t have a stat holiday in March. Nor do we have one in February, making for a seemingly long winter.