Yesterday was one of the most pleasant days spent in NYC so far. A & I set out mid-morning to walk the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan. The weather was perfect for our hour-long meandering over the bridge, sunny with a light warm breeze. The view of the Manhattan skyline was very pleasing. We took plenty of pictures of the views and ourselves as we crossed. Although it wasn’t crowded, there were more people than I expected to see also walking the bridge.

Next we took the subway to Columbus Circle, where we planned to buy food for a picnic lunch at Central Park. Columbus Circle is located at the SE corner of Central Park. Overly enthusiastic and indulgent, we splurged on groceries at Whole Foods that totalled almost to $50. We found a flat rock in Central Park that served as a tabletop and enjoyed an assortment of antipasti, a chicken wrap, some incredibly sweet strawberries, olives, bocconcini cheese, chilled fizzy drinks, a raspberry chocolate tart, and a key lime cheesecake. It was waaaaaaaay too much food. So much so that I didn’t get too upset when I accidentally pushed my cheesecake off the plastic-lid-turned-plate into the ground. A offered some ideas about how to salvage it, but I quickly assessed that I wouldn’t enjoy the rest of it that much, being so full.

Next, we took the subway to the Cloisters, located on the northern tip of Manhattan in Fort Tryon Park. The park is unexpected gem of green space, overlooking the Hudson River and providing relief from the hectic pace of the city. We sauntered up a winding path that lead to the Cloisters, an extension of the Metropolitan Museum of Art featuring medieval architecture, art and tapestries. Upon arrival, we discovered that we would only have 30 minutes until closing to see the collection, but since we had travelled so far, we decided to go in anyway. The admissions person was kind enough to waive the admission fee.

We are soooo glad we went in. The art and space is breathtakingly awesome. The Cloisters is truly a place of sanctuary. Each room inspires a quiet hush, inviting each passerby to be reverent and attentive. The series of Unicorn Tapestries was particularly impressive, considering the amount of detail involved for such a large work.

After leaving the Cloisters, we lingered at Fort Tryon for a little bit, snacking on icy treats and taking more pictures. Because we had a couple hours to kill before The Drowsy Chaperone began, we returned to the southern end Central Park and walked to Times Square from there.

A & I were looking forward to seeing this musical, written by the same people who created Slings & Arrows, which we are fans of. It wasn’t a packed house, so we got to move up quite a few rows. The show was great, very funny, a mockery of its genre, very Canadian in its humour. We headed right over to the Virgin Records in Times Square to pick up our own copies of the original cast recording. The production is so new in its run still that many of the cast members that we saw perform are on the album.

Right now, I’m writing from the Gramercy apartment that my girlfriends, A & I are renting for the week. We checked in tonight, and are enjoying having our own space immensely. A & I stayed at my aunt’s in Brooklyn for the past couple days, which served as much-needed breathing space from staying in Times Square last week and the trip to Philly. Good to have wholesome Chinese home-cooking too! But it is nice to have one’s own space.

Still waiting for Jen to arrive. There was big thunderstorm tonight, and I suspect that might have caused some delays.