In addition to live shows and performances, I’ve had no qualms about spending on food during my stay in NYC.

Yesterday, we started our day in Chinatown, where we bought a dozen sponge cakes that my family loves so much. Our NY relatives always bring a box of these amazingly soft treats when they visit Vancouver. They are made in this hole-in-the-wall shop called Kam Hing, on Baxter Street just off Canal Street. The bakery is operated by some Puerto Ricans who can speak and understand Cantonese! A & I wolfed down a couple of these cakes right in front of the shop. Jen was hugely amused by the ferocity with which we ingested them.

Next, we wandered aimlessly into Soho, where many delightful boutiques and various clothing chain stores can be found. We visited Kate’s Paperie, where there was a major moving sale. At John Fluevog, Jen bought a pair of commanding red patent leather open toe steel reinforced heels. A picked up a couple pairs of Campers. I was tempted at the Camper store, but refrained. May go back when I make a second round in Soho with Dot.

For lunch, we ate at Dean and Deluca, a really high end market in the centre of Soho. I was overwhelmed by the assortment of fine goods and delicacies there. Jen introduced me to Fiji water there, and I must say it’s the best bottled water I’ve ever tasted.

Then it was back to shopping. A purchased a leather bag from Bag. The bags are quite fun, stylish, and affordable there, but I wasn’t too keen on the feel and quality of the leather. Call me a leather snob, but as a fan of Coach products, it hard to settle for anything less. I took a nasty spill in front of the store because of an even step and ripped a small hole in the knee of my FAVOURITE jeans. Booooooooo! I guess I’ll have to shop for another pair, perhaps when we go to Woodbury this coming Monday.

Because we had the Itzhak Perlman concert to attend, we decided to have supper back at the apartment. We made a meal of assorted cheese, crackers, pate, and bread, which we acquired from the nearby Whole Foods. Incredibly rich and filling.

The violin concert was mind-blowing. Itzhak Perlman’s virtuosity is absolutely dazzling and wondrous to behold. I forgot that he is crippled by polio, so I was taken aback to see him hobble onto the stage in crutches. The program was quite varied, from romantic to modern pieces, from unknown to popular.

A was curious to check out Serendipity 3 afterwards, so we went to see what the big deal was. It turns out that the famous chocolate frozen hot chocolate is highly overrated and overpriced. It was essentially a chocolate milkshake that is waaaay too sweet. Was glad I went, just to see, but I think I could have better spent the $8.50 elsewhere.

This morning, I indulged in sleeping in, while the girls went up the Empire State Building, which I’ve visited many years ago. They came back for lunch and we finished up leftover cheese and pate before setting out for Greenwich Village.

Enroute to the Village, we stopped briefly in Soho where we checked out a few stores that we missed yesterday (e.g. BCBG, Anthropologie). Also made it to a yarn shop (called Purl) that I discovered through blog surfing.

Our excursion to Greenwich Village was rather disappointing, probably because we didn’t give ourselves enough time to explore the best parts of the neighbourhood. Maybe I can redeem the experience with Dot next week. We tried hot dogs from Papaya Dog and they were totally unremarkable, despite the rave reviews from NYC guidebooks. For a great hot dog, just go to the Granville Island food fair, or the Japadog man on corner of Burrard and Smithe. A & I tried hot dogs from Nathan’s on our surreal visit to Coney Island on Wednesday, and they were also unremarkable. The lemonade in Nathan’s is something else though. It’s the best lemonade ever! I’ll try to post about Coney Island when I find the time. To sum it up quickly, it was like a setting for the end of the world, ghost-town-like, creepy and queer.

Then we split up to do our own thing. A went to get tickets to a show starring David Hyde Pierce, and Jen and I shopped around Rockefeller Centre and parts of Fifth Ave. before our dinner at BLT Fish. We each picked up a dress at Ann Taylor.

I will have to write about my experience at BLT Fish another time, as it is late here and my brain is too tired to try recalling specific details. It was a GREAT fine dining experience, from the food to the service to the ambience.

Later on, we met up with A at the Artisanal Bistro, which is famous for their cheese selection. Jen and I were too full from dinner to eat anymore, so we simply watched and interrogated A as she polished off three unusual cheeses. I just had a glass of red wine, while Jen capped her evening of good eating off with a raspberry sorbet.

Okay, time to hit the sack!