The trip to NYC put me back in touch with some (shallow) things about myself that I’ve been suppressing ever since I started living on a stricter budget. So that I wouldn’t feel desire so acutely, I’ve either been talking myself out of wanting certain things or staying away from those things as much as possible.

That was very difficult to do in NYC, nor did I try very hard to resist, knowing that I had a little give in my travelling budget and especially after having received some very generous financial gifts from family (it helped that it was my birthday in early May).

Going into the trip, I was prepared to fully indulge in entertainment and food. And that I did. What was surprising was how often I visited Sephora and how much time I spent there at every visit. Easily an hour! It didn’t help that there was a Sephora at seemingly every corner in Manhattan. Amazingly, considering how much time I spent there, I bought very little makeup. Just a Laura Geller eyeshadow palette, a tin of Smith’s minted rose lip balm, and a pot of Stila eye smudge. Since coming back, I’ve been wearing makeup everyday! And dressing with greater care. Which means getting up at least 15 minutes earlier! I couldn’t have been bothered before, but some reason I’m making more an effort. I suppose if I buy stuff, I might as well use it, lest it goes bad or out-of-date. My fashionista co-workers and inspiration, Susie and Helen, have noticed and remarked on the change. Haha, I must have been in really bad shape before!

I also bought some new clothes, shoes and accessories, all very good deals and finds. When I came back, I found myself very comfortable, too comfortable actually, walking through the malls and department stores. The shopping urge was so strong, I even made some impulse non-sale purchases! But frugal me reemerged from her shell and put the spendthrift me back in her place. And so I refunded them. But I still like makeup. And am looking forward to going to Seattle at the end of the month, where I plan to hit another Sephora and a Trader Joe’s for some unique goodies.