If you want a unique and tasty hot dog experience, you must pay a visit to the Japadog man, who has a stand on the corner of Burrard and Smithe Streets. A. introduced me to the Japadog man a few months ago, and since then, I’ve been going fairly frequently with my co-workers, whenever the weather is good. My favourite menu item is the Oroshi dog, topped with finely shredded daikon.

The hot dogs in NYC were quite disappointing, even at the world famous Nathans and Gray’s Papaya. The hot dogs there were really skinny and too salty for my taste. There wasn’t much substance to them, especially after unwrapping them from the foil and the buns have somewhat shrunk from the steam. The drinks, however, (i.e. the lemonade and papaya juice respectively) were very refreshing though.

Anyway, the hot dogs in Vancouver kick butt. The Japadog man sets the bar, and apparently, according to Jen, there are some amazing hot dogs to be found in the market at Granville Island.

I think thefourthpotato will get a kick out of the Japadog man. We must go when he comes for a visit later on this month.