The trip to NYC put me back in touch with some (shallow) things about myself that I’ve been suppressing ever since I started living on a stricter budget. So that I wouldn’t feel desire so acutely, I’ve either been talking myself out of wanting certain things or staying away from those things as much as possible.

That was very difficult to do in NYC, nor did I try very hard to resist, knowing that I had a little give in my travelling budget and especially after having received some very generous financial gifts from family (it helped that it was my birthday in early May).

Going into the trip, I was prepared to fully indulge in entertainment and food. And that I did. What was surprising was how often I visited Sephora and how much time I spent there at every visit. Easily an hour! It didn’t help that there was a Sephora at seemingly every corner in Manhattan. Amazingly, considering how much time I spent there, I bought very little makeup. Just a Laura Geller eyeshadow palette, a tin of Smith’s minted rose lip balm, and a pot of Stila eye smudge. Since coming back, I’ve been wearing makeup everyday! And dressing with greater care. Which means getting up at least 15 minutes earlier! I couldn’t have been bothered before, but some reason I’m making more an effort. I suppose if I buy stuff, I might as well use it, lest it goes bad or out-of-date. My fashionista co-workers and inspiration, Susie and Helen, have noticed and remarked on the change. Haha, I must have been in really bad shape before!

I also bought some new clothes, shoes and accessories, all very good deals and finds. When I came back, I found myself very comfortable, too comfortable actually, walking through the malls and department stores. The shopping urge was so strong, I even made some impulse non-sale purchases! But frugal me reemerged from her shell and put the spendthrift me back in her place. And so I refunded them. But I still like makeup. And am looking forward to going to Seattle at the end of the month, where I plan to hit another Sephora and a Trader Joe’s for some unique goodies.


snow bunny [definition from the Oxford English Dictionary]
N. Amer. slang, an inexperienced (usu. female) skier;
a pretty girl who frequents ski slopes

Andy organized a snowboarding trip to Cypress this coming Saturday. I won’t be able to ride because I got hurt just this past Tuesday from slipping on a patch of ice. Me such a klutz! Enroute to the bus stop to go to work, I was not a hundred metres from my building’s entrance when I lost balance and fell on my left hip. VERY HARD. The ironic thing was that I was actually looking ahead with concern at a fellow about 50 metres ahead of me. Flailing his arms to keep balance, he was running and skating along the pathway that connects the apartments to Champlain Mall. I was thinking, “If he’s not careful, he’s gonna fall!” As soon as I thought that, down I went. My left pant leg got all wet. I also have a big bruise on my outer thigh and a slight misalignment in my lower back. I should mind my own business next time and just watch out for myself!

But while I’m disappointed in missing out on the slopes, I can take consolation by looking pretty and posing in my most recent purchases (if only it would snow hard again!):


As the Cho sisters pointed out to me last weekend, when I bought these items, “You’re gonna be a snow bunny!” I have to admit, with the right toque and sweater, the whole get-up is pretty cute. Makes me look 10 years younger.

I am very happy with my purchases because I’ve been needing a pair of boots and a more efficient way to stay warm for quite a while now. The recent blast of cold catalysed my search for these winter things, so I can be better prepared the next time.

Yippee, going shopping across the border tomorrow, according to plan. I had considered jamming out on my friends because I’ve been run down and tired. But because nothing else has gone my way this week, I do want to do at least one thing I set out to do for my break. Also, I need a pick-me-up these days. Although I know better, shopping MAY do the trick, made more enticing by good company.

I recently complained about being strapped, but I figure that is true only in Canadian dollars, for living on this side of the border. It doesn’t technically apply to USD, which my New York relatives most generously bestowed on me during their visit. Spending USD doesn’t affect my biweekly budget in any way! Okay, okay, enough justification. I should probably save this for my trip to NY next May, but … I’m not.

Don’t have a lot to shop for actually, but I would really like a new pair of high boots. The heels of my old ones are wearing off and the leather has stretched to the point where I’m swimming in them. Very unsexy. But it’s been challenging in looking for leather boots that fit my calves snugly (yet another issue I have with being too thin). Anything I found that has fit costs over $400, or is synthetic, which I can’t bring myself to pay pver $100 for.

Anwways, I should turn in now. It’s going to be a loooooooong day tomorrow.

The autumnal equinox (which is Sept. 22 this year) may technically mark the first day of fall, but practically (or egocentrically), my first day of fall is whenever I don one of my many wool-blend coats and a pair of tights, which in fact started yesterday. The chill in the air is unmistakable now; insisting to wear flip-flops (which I did early this week) is delusional, vain attempts to stretch summer beyond her means. Of course, with hardly anyone else wearing fall clothes this week (except stylish Susie, whom I take fashion cues from), I stick out a bit, but hey, no one is going to suffer more than me if I don’t wear enough.

Fall has come to be my favourite time of the year. It’s a time of in-betweens, of dénouement, of contrasting textures and colours. Though I’m not stuck on it (nor am I about to anytime soon), I would even like to get married in the fall. In terms of fashion, fall for me is the most interesting and worthwhile season. While a total skinflint with summer wear, I am only too happy to spend money on a new coat (that’s why I have so many), boots, a sweater–basically anything with substantial fibre or construction of material.

Also I have a fascination with leaves, falling leaves especially. There’s something sad, but necessary about this process. The moment when a leaf is just about to let go of the branch, barely hanging there, really gets me. I think it’s God’s way of reminding me that there can be no growth (i.e. change) without loss or cost, a truth which I’m grappling with these days.

Anyways, enough melancholic talk. Actually had a pleasant start to my groggy morning by discovering that my good friend thefourthpotato wrote me a long overdue email and finally posted something on his blog regarding his morning routine in Japan. Had a good chuckle but cringed a bit at some of his graphic and sensory descriptions.