Woot! NYC–here I come! Today, my boss gave me the green light to take 3 weeks off in May for my trip to NY-Philadelphia. I’m going to book my flight this later on this week. Went to my parents’ tonight to discuss the particulars with everyone going, including Rupert and Anita.

Originally, I was planning only to stay for a couple weeks, but decided to go an extra week earlier to be with my mom and dad. Though a little leery of vacationing with a family of adults (and the extra costs), I do think it’s special to be fully present with immediate family in NYC, especially since we have roots there.

Two of the musicals I really want to see (The Drowsy Chaperone and The Producers) are indeed running on Broadway, so here’s a cover performed by my favourite funk band that looks ahead to that:

On Broadway
words and music by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil in collaboration with Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller
performed by: LMT Connection
recording: Outta Control (1999, Impression Records)

(If you visit their myspace site, be sure to play the video of their live performance on BB King’s 80th Birthday Tour. Leroy Emmanuel on his green guitar is hot stuff! Joel Parisien and Mark Rogers from NEWWORLDSON plays for the band as well.)


img_1927.JPGGot to see NEWWORLDSON perform last Friday night. It’s one of the best concerts I have been to in a long, long time. The sound was all soul. Right from the beginning of their set, NSW brought people to their feet, grooving and clapping along. The set included numbers from their recently released album, Roots Revolution, but they threw in a few other songs they’ve performed at the club scene in St. Catharine’s, Ontario, where they have a weekly gig on Tuesday nights.

The lead singer Joel Parisien rocks! I think he’s got a sexy voice (and a pair of sexy lips). For the last couple songs, he did “his thing” and danced like a crazy man whileimg_1925.JPG improvising on the keyboard. He’s so intense, no wonder he’s got such a wiry frame. Josh Toal, on (a green) electric guitar, sang one song, a bluesy tune called This Train is Bound for Glory. And it was the first time I saw an upright electric bass, played by Rich Moore. The drummer, Mark Rogers, who also plays for LMT Connection, another funk-soul band, didn’t skip a beat.

After the concert, I hung around like a groupie, hoping to get some signatures and maybe a photo with Joel. It was really hard to get his attention because he was deep in conversation with a family who drove all the from Prince George. After much waiting around, I managed to meet Josh, Rich, and Joel, thanked them, got their signatures, but decided to forego the picture-taking. It felt a bit … much. But I came away happy.img_1918.JPG

The group says they have plans to come back to the West Coast in early 2007. So I’ll be definitely keeping on top of their touring schedule. When they come, I’ll be sure to pester some of you to come along with me. Believe me, you won’t regret it. When it comes to soul and funk, you really need a group of people to go with to have maximum fun. Heck, I’ll even pay for your ticket!

I found him online finally! Joel Parisien in NEWWORLDSON performing “Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior.” I have been dying to get my hands on this act since last October. JP is crazy on the keyboards, plays and scats like he’s possessed. I dare say he is, by the Spirit. They are coming to Vancouver for a concert on October 20 as part of Unite Productions!