dscn2073.JPGMy friend Lidia, currently enrolled in VCC’s Baking and Pastry Arts Program, practices making different kinds of baked goods every day. Needless to say, I quickly made it known to her that I absolutely love lemon loaf. When consumed with a properly steeped cup of English Breakfast, it has the same effect on me as a glass of beer. I become mellow, happy and relaxed. And vulnerable to saying “yes” to people.

Lidia promised to make me a lemon pound cake (a variation of the same theme) and recently proposed that on whatever day she makes it, she will call me at work so I can come pick it up from the College. Today was that day!

However, obtaining the cake from Lidia wasn’t as straightforward as I expected. I ran around a lot for it, in heels and a wool skirt. So without knowing that today was the day, I had gone to the VCC Bakery to get some sweet things for Lisa’s baby shower tomorrow. Upon return to work, I discovered Lidia had called to say there was a pound cake waiting for me at VCC for pick up. (Aaaaah! I had just come back from there.) So we quickly agreed to meet at a midway point for the drop off. Unfortunately, I had gotten some street names mixed up, and found myself in the wrong place, which I realized only when I ran back all the way to VCC without running into Lidia. So I ran all the way back to the library to get my phone (which I had unthinkingly left behind on my desk) to locate her. By the time I called her back, she was already at the front entrance of the library. Dishevelled and sweaty, I sheepishly made my way up to where Lidia was waiting, oh-so-patiently, even though she was made late for work on my account.

The pound cake was much appreciated by my colleagues, a real treat for a slow Friday afternoon. It was tastefully lemon-flavoured and surprisingly light for a pound cake. And went down well with UK imported PG Tips. Yum.