My favourite question.

I’ve got a couple of thematic blogs going, but no place to write about life’s minutiae and domesticities or record my everyday thoughts. Thanks to Jason’s recommendation and inspiring efforts on his own blog, I’m giving this space a try.

This is also a practical alternative to email. I’m terrible at long distance relationships. On top of that, I actually hate staying in touch or catching up with people via email. Often it’s repeating the same things but to different people. No offense, but I can’t be bothered editing information constantly to suit each relationship, nor do I believe in mass emails to fill everyone in on what’s been happening in my life. I think the whole blog business might be a good way to stay in touch because it gives (physically or emotionally) faraway people a range of commitment that suits them, thereby freeing them to make the choice of how they want to participate in the relationship. And I get to write whenever I want. I’m all for guilt reduction. Just don’t mistake only reading my blog as actually having a relationship with me. We have to do battle first.

Anyhow, feel free to post comments. You don’t need a WordPress account to comment, but you will need to add an email address and wait for moderation.

And thanks for checking this space out–may you find something worth your while or simply amusing.


Choice of Name and Header

On another note, I am quite happy with my blog name. In the OED, “mayhap” simply means “perhaps, possibly” and is now archaic, literary, or British regional in terms of its use. It is highly pun-able, of Derek-worthy levels. In addition to personalizing this space and serving as a disclaimer, it seeks to capture the range of possibility and disappointment, hope and realism, success and scrapes in my life. Okay, enough of waxing philosophical.

The picture on the header is cropped from a photo of the Westbank Valley taken from the top of Mission Hill last summer.


Using Passwords

Because the Internet is a public space and there are a lot of weirdos out there, there are some things I can’t openly post with peace of mind, especially when it comes other people’s personal lives. Out of courtesy and as a safeguard (to my best judgment), I’m making use of the password feature on this service.

For most protected posts or pages, use the following prompt for the password (I may change this up from time to time; you’ll know when something doesn’t work):

__________ feels like home.

You who know me well will know what this is or should feel free to ask.

For Fire. Fighter. Calendar., you’ll need to ask me if you’re really curious.


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